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Pedaleira  de  Guitarra   Zoom   G1X NEXT   
The first thing you notice with the G1N / G1XN is its totally new drive sounds that we developed using our state-of-the-art ZFX modeling technology. Featuring 15 amp andstomp-box models that faithfully replicate every detail of the classics from gain settings to harmonic character, the G1N / G1XN delivers natural expression from nuanced playing to total bone-sizzling shreds. And our new, original amp models designed especially by Zoom for the G1N / G1XN will amaze.
It's never been easier to edit effects. Simply select the effect module with the selector knob then edit the value with the value knob. That's all there is to it. You can easily design your own tones to suit to your music. Dedicated buttons for saving patches, a bank switcher and integrated rhythm patterns make fine-tuning your sounds a breeze. A chromatic tuner is available simply by stepping on the two pedal buttons simultaneously. And with bright LED indicators, you'll get easy operation even on a dark stage.
The G1N / G1XN has 9 types of presets that simulate the sounds of 'Rock Legends' like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton and many more. Plus, there are 21 types of the artist patches designed by amazing guitar heroes like Michael Amott, Kiko Loureiro, Richie Kotzen, Rob Caggiano, Mike Stone and Matt Bachand, so you can use these professionally designed guitar sounds in your music. Also, there are 10 types of presets for any style of guitar playing such as power chords, arpeggio, lead, cutting and much more. You can even save 40 patches you create in the G1N / G1XN's user memory.
Replicating the high frequency overtones created by the distortion effect of tube amplifiers is made possible by Zoom's original 32-bit, ZFX-3 processor. This allows the frequency response for our G1N / G1XN to extend to an amazing 20 Hz thru 40 kHz with 96 kHz sampling rates. You get the rich harmonics of distortion specific to various types of tube amps, made possible with 24-bit A/D/A conversion and the processing power that only our digital modeling technology can reproduce.


COMP / EFXCompressor, Auto Wah, Booster, Tremolo, Phaser, Ring Mod, Slow Attack, Pedal Vox, Pedal Cry
DRIVEFD Combo, VX Combo, US Blues, BG Crunch, HW Stack, MS Crunch, MS Drive, PV Drive, DZ Drive, BG Drive, Over Drive, Governor, Squeak, Fuzz Smile, Hot Box, Z Clean, Z MP1, Z Neos, Lead, Extreme DS, Aco.Sim
EQLo / Mid / Hi
ZNR / AMPZNR, Combo & ZNR, Bright Combo & ZNR, Stack & ZNR
MODULATIONChorus, Ensemble, Flanger, Step, Pitch Shift, Mono Pitch, HPS, Vibrato, Pitch Bend, Delay
DELAYDelay, Tape Echo, Analog Delay, Ping Pong Delay
REVERBHall, Room, Spring, Arena, Tiled Room
Realistic drum sounds derived from PCM sources are arranged in a variety of rhythm patterns for different musical genres. The 40 rhythm variations include the steady 8-beat of Rock and Pop, funky 16-beat, a ''Jazzy'' 4-beat, some great shuffle for Blues sessions, and many more choices. Rhythm training is a cinch, and tap input allows you to specify the tempo easily.
Its compact size and light weight make the G1N / G1XN ideal for those who want plenty of effects and great performance without having to carry a lot of gear. Its durable, reinforced body can withstand the rigors of use on stage or on the road.
Specifications such as a signal-to-noise ratio of 110dB and noise floor of -98dBm demonstrate a level of performance that's not usually seen in units of this class. Background noise is a thing of the past, resulting in superbly transparent sound. Zoom's original noise reduction (ZNR) removes noise in playing pauses, while maintaining a natural release even on the tail of sustained notes.
You get 12 hours of continuous operation with four AA/LR6 alkaline batteries for using the G1N / G1XN anywhere from studio to live stage. Or use the AC adaptor(AD-0006) for extended use.
When you connect the optional foot switch (FS01), you can switch patch banks or perform tap tempo input with your foot.
Foot Switch FS01
Unlatch and normally close type.
When you connect the optional expression pedal (FP02) you can control effect parameters such as wah, pitch shift, volume, drive gain, modulation rate, mixing balance of delay and reverb in real time. The choice is yours. The G1XN comes with a built-in expression pedal and a PEDAL ASSIGN key that makes it a snap to select the function operated by the pedal. Plus, you can switch the effect assigned to the expression pedal on and off by pressing up the pedal.
Expression Pedal FP02




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