Filmadora Digital Hitachi DZ GX5020

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Filmadora  Digital

Hitachi DZ GX5020
Grava em DVD
(mídia de 8cm)

Tamanho compacto
Slot de cartão de memória SD CARD Para Tira fotos 
Altíssima potencialidade óptica de 30X



Hitachi DZ-GX5020 A

? 5 Format Compatibility
? Photo Frame Grab - Capture Video Frames as Pictures
? 1-Second Quick Start
? 2.7? Widescreen LCD w/ True Widescreen Recording
? 30x Optical Zoom / 1500x Digital Zoom
? 1-Touch Finalize Button


Hitachi introduced the World?s first DVD Camcorder in 1999.  Yearly refinements have improved image quality, ease of use and design.  This trend continues with the 7th generation of Hitachi DVD Camcorders.

The DZGX5020A brings the value and affordability of a DVD camcorder to a new high.

Ease of use is taken to a whole new level with features like Photo Frame Capture and 1-Second Quick Start.  Photo Capture allows users to browse video scenes and choose individual frames to save as digital stills to SD card. 1-second quick start makes recording nearly instantaneous when powering up from sleep mode.

4-Format DVD compatibility  a powerful 30X optical zoom and a 2.7? widescreen LCD display complete a robust feature package.

Multiformat+ Compatibility
The Multiformat+ drive will burn DVD-R, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW and DVD+RW. So not only will DVDs play on your home DVD player-they are also compatible with your friends and family's players, too. In addition to DVD, SD cards can be used to store digital still photos.

Cinema Res
Cinema Res image processing ensures video and pictures always appear detailed and accurate. By reducing noise and increasing sharpness, your home movies will look better than ever.

1-Second Quick Start
Life doesn't wait to be filmed. That's why Hitachi camcorders feature 1-Second Quick Start from standby--the fastest start-up time on the market. It means you need never worry about missing the moment again.

True 16:9 Widescreen
Not only can Hitachi camcorders record in true 16:9 widescreen-the onboard 2.7 widescreen LCD screen is true 16:9, too. It means that what you see is exactly what you'll get--no cropping, no compromise.

Photo Capture from DVD
Why do people always blink in photographs? Fortunately, that's now history with Hitachi camcorders. You can now select any frame from your movies and turn it into a digital still photograph. Simply save the photo to an SD card and then print or share by e-mail.

Key Features
? 7th-Generation Camcorder from the Inventor of DVD-Camcorder
? 30x Optical Zoom, 1500x Digital Zoom
? 680K Pixel CCD
? Hitachi Exclusive Advanced Image Processing
? Photo Frame Grab Tool
? Sleep/Restart Battery Save Tool: 1
Second Record on Restart
? Finalize Button? Finalize recorded
? Quick Menu Button?Shortcut to Simplified Menu System
? Quick Start?Short Start Time from Power-on to First Recording
? Disc Navigation?Instant Access to Selected Scenes and In-Camera
Editing Features
? Widescreen 2.7? LCD Monitor
? 2.7? LCD Monitor Can operate as a Light
? 16:9 Widescreen Recording for all DVD formats

Digital Still Photos
? Records 999 JPEG images per side
? 640x480 Resolution
SD Memory Card
? 640x480 Resolution
? 3 Quality Settings for File Size Adjustment

Video Recording
? 3 Recording Modes
XTRA - 18 min/side
FINE - 30 min/side
STD - 60 min/side
? Write Once Technology
? Plays Back in Most DVD Players and DVD-ROM Drives
? Rewriteable Technology (VR format)
? Plays Back in Most DVD Players and DVD-ROM Drives (VF format)
? Rewriteable Technology
? Advanced In-Camera Editing Capability
? Rewriteable Technology
? No Finalizing Needed

? Electronic Image Stabilizer for Video
? Auto and Manual Focus
? Auto and Manual White Balance
? Auto and Manual Exposure
? Lens F2.0 ? 4.1
? Lens Diameter 34mm
? 0.3 Lux in Low Light Mode
? 1 CCD - Size 1/6?
? 0.2? Color Viewfinder
? 2.7? 16:9 LCD Monitor
? Self-Timer for Digital Still Photos

? S-Video & Composite AV Output:.....1

Supplied Accessories
? Battery
? AC Adapter/Charger, DC power cord
? Special S-Video and Composite AV Cable
? Shoulder Strap
? Lens Cap

?Height:......................................3 37/64?
?Width:.......................................2 31/64?
?Depth:.......................................5 3/`16?
?Weight(w/battery):.................14 7/8 oz.


  • Filmadora Hitachi DZ-GX5020A
  • Tampa protetora para lente
  • Cabo composto: áudio/vídeo e s-vídeo
  • Recarregador de bateria 100V(22VA)-240V(28.8VA)--50/60Hz / DC7.9V 1.2A
  • Bateria Li-íon recarregável DZ-BP07PW 7.2V--680mAh
  • Adaptador de força DC
  • Cabo de energia
  • Manual de instruções

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